A collection of other Petz sites, forms and links.

Sister Sites:
Scribble @ Harvest

Fan Sites:
Carolyn's Creations
Black Mist Crittery
Bad Breath
NightShade Petz
Litterz Factory
Leashy's Kennels and Cattery

Fun Places:
The Flea Market - Petz Auctions
Petz Kennel Club

Sherlock Software - Add-on Software, Hexing Tools
Hexpedia - Hexing Tutorials
Yabiko - Petz 4 Download, Game Coding Information, Game Add-Ons
Fleabagz - Breedfiles
The Petz Site Directory
The Petz Depot - Various Tutorials
Waverly Academy Petz - Tutorials, Breedfiles, Etc.
Petz Dictionary

Forum Communities:
RKC Petz Forum
Whisker Wick Forums
Seeing Stars Forum